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We promote the integration of pro-democratic values and the election of highly qualified Democrats at all levels of government.


We do this through financial and on-the-ground support: 

•  Funding excellent Democratic candidates in key races, with specific focus on municipal, school board, county and statewide elections  

•  Underwriting infrastructure that will increase our party's strength in Bucks County and grow our bench of electable candidates


•  Backing the work of informing, energizing, and mobilizing pro-democracy voters now and for the long-term 

•  Championing the Bucks County Democratic Committee and its initiatives to expand the party base 


We are proud to say that our support has been instrumental in the flipping of many state, county, local, and school board seats.


The end of 2023 marks a decade-long journey for Turn Bucks Blue and a pivotal year for the cause of local races in Bucks County.

We helped gain Democratic control of four township supervisory boards,  And by winning elections we continued to fortify the Democratic base and build a deeper bench for higher offices in the future.  


We kept the Bucks County Board of Elections majority Democrat, a testament to our collective commitment to voter access, fair and transparent elections, rebuffing election deniers, and protecting the electoral process in 2024 and beyond.  


We helped elect common-sense candidates in our community, especially in three major school districts, preserving the essence of our prized public education system. Your early support enabled TBB to impact the elections substantially.  

In sum,
your 2023 contributions enabled us to wield over $225,000 - an unprecedented amount - showing just how critical these races have become. 

Our Commitment to Keeping Bucks Blue Remains Unwavering. 
We hope you will join us in any way you can in 2024: Volunteer for candidates or causes that motivate you. Show up at meetings that affect your community. Run for office. Vote. Bucks County needs you. 
And yes – TBB will be continuing our "famous" house tour in June!  
With heartfelt gratitude, we thank every Democratic voter and each supporter of Turn Bucks Blue.
Together, we are shaping a brighter future for Bucks County.   

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