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Bucks County is the perennial swing county in the battleground state of Pennsylvania.

Located in southeast Pennsylvania, Bucks was Republican dominated for decades. Starting in the early 2010’s, Democrats flipped many seats and gained control of the county and many municipal boards. Now Democrats are losing ground again. Democratic candidates lost all county-wide races and many local and school board races in November 2021. Bucks County is trending RED. Reversing this trend would mean our best and perhaps only chance to flip the Pennsylvania legislature to a Democratic majority - the first since 1994.


Bucks County is the 4th most populous county in Pennsylvania.

It's also the oldest, least diverse, and most "purple" compared to the 3 largest counties  - and it provides a critical margin in determining state-wide elections such as governor and U.S. senator as well as flipping the state house and state senate.


Bucks County is a critical firewall against state legislative overreach in Pennsylvania

The conservative majority on the US Supreme Court has ceded major decisions on voting rights, women's reproductive rights, privacy, and gun safety (among others) to the states and continues its efforts to do so. Our only defense is to ensure that the Pennsylvania State Legislature is not dominated by the Republican Party. In Bucks County, Republicans still hold 50% of state representative seats and the majority of state senate seats. This makes us a pivotal change agent. It is our responsibility to hold the Democratic seats we have and flip as many of these Republican seats as possible in 2024. 

Bucks County has a nationally significant role to play in 2024. 

In Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania ,and Wisconsin - the four battleground states likely to decide the outcome of the next presidential election -  swing-voter support in the suburbs will be the key to any Republican revival. One of the only bright spots for Republicans in Pennsylvania is the re-election of Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick. That's why Bucks is one of the G.O.P.'s four "must-win" counties in 2024. They'll be coming for Senator Bob Casey's seat in 2024 in an effort to tip the Senate. We can't let this happen.

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