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The Bucks County House Tour

On Sunday June 26, 2002, TBB PAC held its first public fundraising event - a tour of three spectacular Bucks County properties. The tour was a huge success, raising $100,000+ from sponsors and ticket holders. Stay tuned for news of Summer 2023 ....


As seen in 2022 



Our Sponsors

Brent Alderfer

Majid Alsayegh

Anonymous (2)

Anonymous (Durham Township)

Michelle and David Bader

Stephanie and Steve Bariahtaris

Tina and Doug Borden

Claudia and Ken Boyle

Margaret Watson Brown and Paul Brown

Sarah and Chris Candido

Judy Chang Cody

Sharon D'Agostino

Linda McDowell Davis

Erin and Richard Defieux

John DeVincentis & Dennis Mankin

Lalo Flores

Connie Gillis/Deborah Hinckley

Lynn and Bill Goldman

Christina P. Greenwood

Jacqui and David Griffith

Ginger Hardwick

Alison and Richard Hargreaves

Sally and Richard Henriques

Jane and Tony Ford- Hutchinson

Candace Jones and Stephen Phillips

Jill Kearney and Stephen McDonnell

Nancy and Brad Levie

Dianne C. Magee

Art Mazzei and George Kuebrich

John McDowell and David Fierabend

Ann Marie Murray

Christopher Pappo

Suzanne Perrault and David Rago

Mark Petty

Peyton M. Petty

Sheri Ranger and George Pierson

Laurie Schutt

Antonetta Stancu and Michael Ofenheim

Louise and Paul Swartz

Tom Taft

Barbara and Robert Tiffany

Rebecca Tillet and Patty Ellis

Miriam and Jeff Tucker

Janice and Mark Waldman

Christy and Scott Wallace

Susan and Bruce Wallace

Our Team

RaeAnn Banker

John Blevins

Doug Borden

Debbie Croll

Sue-Ann DiVito

Danielle Gianndrea - Addison Wolfe

Alex Hsu

Robert Hsu

Juan Vidal Photography

Heather Lynes

Kim Kiendl

Kate Lambdin

Kyle Lewis

Art Mazzei - Addison Wolfe

Rago Auctions

Miriam Tucker

Wendy Tumminello Photography

Stephanie Weisser

and the dozens of volunteers staffing the house tour on June 26  


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